Nick Clements Seb at speed, Lyon.

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The photographer's unique angles give the black-and-white images a sense of speed.

CLUTCH Magazine readers are familiar with Nick Clements as the editor-in-chief of men's file magazine in the UK. In fact, Nick's original job was as a photographer for fashion magazines such as Vogue. Men's file was founded as a place where he introduced his photography to the world. To commemorate the 30th issue of men's file, this collection features special prints of his work.
He has personally selected from the excellent photographs that once graced the pages of the magazine and expressed them in seductive black & white.

This work was shot in Lyon, France. Nick's unique angle of view captures a man galloping on a vintage scooter. The work strangely conveys a sense of speed.

This is a high-resolution print work worthy of an excellent photograph. For the print paper, we chose Photo Rag Metallic, a fine art paper from Hahnemuhle, Germany, which was established in 1584 and has a special luster.Photo Rag Metallic is a baryta paper with a silver metallic sheen.

This paper is made of premium cotton paper, archival quality and suitable for long-term storage. It retains the special feel of real art paper while offering high density, a wide color gamut, smooth tonal gradations, and high sharpness for a three-dimensional effect.

Nick's black & white expression is so metallic that it looks like black & silver. It is more artistic than a photograph seen in a magazine.

Prepare a special space for a special interior.


Seat size: 25.7 x 36.4 cm
Wood frame size: 42 x 53 cm (outer dimensions)
*There are slight individual differences depending on the work.
All works will be delivered in a wooden frame. This wooden frame is a type of frame known as a grano frame. While making the most of the unevenness of the wood grain, it is painted in dark brown with a varnish-like glossy finish, giving it a very luxurious feel. Both of these frames come with a special string, which should be threaded through the back of the frame in place before hanging it on the wall. The frames are serial numbered, but the number is not selectable.


Nick travels all over the world for his artwork. He has worked all over Europe, including France and Italy. The combination of cobblestone pavement and scooters with a sense of history is fascinating!

Limited to 5 prints.
Signed and numbered by Nick himself.

For the frame, I chose a black painted wooden frame that would not interfere with the photographic work.