Lightning Archives LEATHER JACKET Revised Edition

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The Lightning Archives series 

The Lightning Archives series gained popularity when it was published few years ago.
Reissue of the Lightning Archives series was long-waited by vintage fans all over the world.
We are pleased to announce the reissuing of the series.

About the book

This book is a revised edition of a book called Lightning Archives Leather Jackets, first published in 2014. The Lightning Archives is a series of books on rare vintage clothing that collects rare and valuable items that should be preserved for future generations. This book also includes as many highly valuable leather jackets with documentary value as possible for the readers.

Leather jackets have always fascinated men. Today, leather jackets have established their position as a fashion item, but they originated as "gear" to protect people from harsh environments. This book collects only so-called "vintage" leather jackets from the 1930s, when leather wear was still recognized as "gear," to the 1970s, when it flourished as a fashion item. With the cooperation of vintage clothing stores and collectors, we have gathered a total of more than 300 vintage leather jackets, which are both famous and rare. Instead of grouping these jackets by brand or type, we grouped them by manufactured age. This allows the reader to intuitively understand the changes in leather jacket design in chronological order.

While most people tend to focus on the front design of leather jackets, the pleats and leather joints on the back are also important points where changes in design can be seen. In this book, we have included photos of the backs of all the jackets. We hope that you will enjoy the changes in the backside design, which are both subtle and profound.

This book can be read in any way you like. You can enjoy the changes in design by going through the pages in order from the beginning, or you can use this book to "check the answers" of vintage jackets you find at vintage clothing stores. We hope you will enjoy the depth of leather jackets as much as we do.